RealPlayer is Now RealPlayer Cloud

Something new and exciting is happening with RealPlayer. Long known as the world’s first internet friendly audio format, RealPlayer is now RealPlayer Cloud.

RealPlayer Cloud Gold Promo – $4.99 International – Download!

With RealPlayer Cloud, you can MOVE videos quickly and easily between any device. Formatting is totally automatic so you no longer need to worry about converting files to later play on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Move – Watch – Share with RealPlayer

You’ll also be able to WATCH your videos on TV without connecting cables your computer. No wires – no fuss.  RealPlayer Cloud is accessible on your Roku or with Chromecast so that you can watch your videos on the big screen.

And of course, as the cloud implies, you can instantly SHARE videos – regardless of length – other people on any device. Say goodbye to long uploads and conversion times on Facebook and YouTube.

No account is needed for family and friends to watch your shared video. No downloads needed either.

RealPlayer Cloud Gets Video RIGHT!
…when so many others have tried and failed.

RealPlayer Cloud makes the following easy to do:

  • Wirelessly stream videos from any PC and watch it on an iPad.
  • Shoot videos on a phone and watch on a TV.
  • Start watching video on your TV and finish watching on a phone (or the opposite way around).
  • Download videos to your device for offline viewing at any time.
  • Share any family event video with others – privately, without worrying that the video length.
  • When you share videos with family or friends, you can be confident they will be able to watch it.

RealPlayer Cloud is available Worldwide. It’s now fully available for Windows 8 and casts to Google Chromecast. Works with Kindle Fire and Amazon’s Fire TV. Watch the Big Brother Live Feed on CBS TV.